2007 Komori L 420

Year of manufacture
Number of colors


-  Control and checking

-          Remote control desk with touch screen at print delivery

o    Remote control of fountains, duct rollers and registers, Techkon RS 400

o    Remote control of diagonal registers on dampening rollers

o    Remote control of fine setting of side guides (+-3mm)

-          CIP3/4 compatibility


-  Automation of print preparation

-          KPC automatic plate loading

-          System for rapid pre-inking and de-inking of KPD blanket

-          Automatic washing of blankets

 -          Automatic washing of offset rollers


-  Feeder

-          Functional surfaces of sheet grippers with industrial diamond

-          air ionization in feeder

-          Vacuum conveyor in feeder

-          Mechanical broadsheet control

-          Ultrasonic double sheet sensor

-          Optical misfeed sensors

-          machine stop when misfeed on front guide

-          Dials for setting front and side guides


-  Blanket

-          Ductors with separate servo drive

-          Axial shift of distribution rollers

-          Copper dampening and distribution rollers

-          Possibility of setting axial shift of plate inker (2 inkers for machine)


-  Dampening

-          Komorimatic dampening

-          Possibility of alcohol-free dampening without modification of machine

-          Dampening rollers with axial shift


-  Printer unit

-          Double circumference back pressure and dampening rollers

-          Functional surfaces of sheet grippers with industrial diamond

-          chrome-plated forme cylinders

-          chrome-plated offset cylinders

-          chrome-plated back pressure rollers

-          Dial for setting sheet thickness on control side of machine

-          Control elements on both sides of printing unit on all units


-  Delivery

-          Counter and sheet stacker with pre-selection

-          Sheet straightener

-          Antistatic bar


-  Plant sets, equipment

-          Feeding and cooling equipment Technotrans Alpha.d 20L-4 Combicontrol 2.5, aquados.a 5

-          Orion air pump for feeder

-          Toho powder sprayer

-          SBA isolating transformer (30kVA)

-          BEIL plate punch (including installation rails)

-          3.5” disk drive for receipt and backup of data for blanket configuration

-          Setting timing (interval) of blanket ductors



  Basic technical data


   Maximum sheet format:

 375 x 520 mm

   Minimum sheet format:

 100 x 148 mm

   Maximum printing area:

 340 x 510 mm

   Sheet thickness range:

 0.04– 0.6 mm

   Plate dimensions:       

 400 x 530 mm

   Feeder pile height:

 800 mm

   Delivery pile height:

 500 mm

   Maximum printing speed:

 13,000 sheets/hour

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