2018 Komori GL-429+Coater with Dryer LED-UV

Year of manufacture
Number of turnovers
50 mio
Number of colors


Console PQC-S Komori (Print Quality Control)
WallScreen KID (Komori Info-Service Display)
PDC-SG ((Print Density Control)
KHS-AI (Advanced Interface) with Self-learning Function
AMR (Automatic Make Ready)
FAPC (Automatic and semi-Auto Plate Mounting)
Cocking Register (lateral, vertical & diagonal)
Automatic Washers: Rollers, Blanket & Impressions cylinders
Pre-connected to CIP3
Komorimatic Dampening
Refrigeration System Technotrans Alpha.c 120L
Technotrans Alcosmart AZR
Suction Tape Feeder
Ultrasonic Double Sheet Detector
Air Side lay and Front lay Detector
Automatic Pile adjustment on Feeder
Paper Thickness: 0,06 ~ 0,8 mm
Ink Temperature Control
Skeleton Transfer Cylinder
Chromed Impression Cylinders
Extended Delivery X2
Static Eliminator
Dryer Spectral-Baldwin LED-UV with LED Cooler 8.0L
Coating Tower Harris & Bruno 
Automatic Washer LithoCoat for Chambered Doctor Blade
Air cabinet with the machine
Speed 16500 sph
Including: Compressor, Plate Punch, Manuals, Tools, Accessories and Transformer


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