Pallet turner KRIFFT & ZIPSNER E210RL/Mz

Year of manufacture


Max format: 1.220  x  1.650 mm

Min format: 800  x  1.200 mm

Pallet height: max 2.000mm, min 800mm

Max pallet weight 2.000kg

Rear plate 1,000 mm wide with three rows of nozzles for aerating the material, one row of nozzles with electro-pneumatic regulation.

-   standard blowing output 7,5 kW / 1.000 m3/h

-   additional blowing output 4 kW / 500 m3/h

-  jogging and aeration of materials

-  regulation of speed and vibration force of jogging

-  with variable control of the speed of the aeration nozzles

-  automatic control of air pressure during aeration

-   with pneumatically sliding stop for centering and leveling material on the pallet

-   with motorized sliding stop

-   replacement of wooden pallets with system pallets for the non-stop process

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