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Rok výroby


Cut off 630 mm

Web Width max 965 mm

Mech. Speed 40,000 rev/h

1 reel splicer MANROLAND RWP 4 "RPI 1350" EAE control-roll changer

1 manual paper reel transportation system MANROLAND PASUSYS MANUload roller MAN Plamag

Polyman cut - off 630 mm manually to 1.

5 printing units MANROLAND, each system with 2 plate cylinders, 2 blanket cylinders, inking presses and dampening system - film dampening film

5 blanket washing devices - OxyDry automatic washing device

1 dampening water Center with external cooling water and Moist Media Center

1 Web catching system MANROLAND - railway safety catch

1 hot air dryer with integrated afterburning system VITS SIRIUS OTS 1 chilling unit MANROLAND - drive

1 cooling Center MTA - Harig & tap indoor and outdoor unit cooling unit

1 oil temperature control system

2 web edge control system E + L (1 x in the Splicers + 1 x behind chill rolls)

1 silicone applicator WEKO Silikonaufrag of railway top and bottom

1 folder superstructure MANROLAND with slitting devices and

2 set of turner bars - cutting device with 2 p AAR Turner bars

1 gluing system PLANATOL opimatic Combijet

2 pin type jaw folder MANROLAND KFI 2:3:3: 2 for 1st cross fold, 2nd cross fold for double parallel and delta fold, 3rd fold - 2 folders

1 ink and cutting register system QI, new in 2009 color registration and circumferential register section

1 C. color density

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